Campers ages 5 and up:

• Label all clothing with the camper's first and last names.
• Camp T-shirts must be worn on Wednesdays, for Older Division ONLY (ages 5 plus)
• Each camper ages 5 plus, receives their own Camp Gan Israel bottle and needs to bring it daily to camp.
• Children must wear sneakers to camp.
• 1 bathing suit (even on “iffy” days)
• 1 towel
• Pool shoes
•  Sunscreen - Please apply sunscreen on your child each morning. We will always reapply after swimming. Please send your child with sunscreen labeled with their name and a spray on bottle is recommended. 
• Goggles (if desired)
• Hat (recommended)
• Sweatshirt (on “chilly” days)


Mini Gan:

First day

• Extra Change of Clothes to keep in camp
• Diapers & Wipes, if needed
• Helmets to be stored in camp for use on many days (3's and 4's only)
• Floaties to stay at camp (4's only)
• Label everything!

Every day

• Peanut/Nut Free, Dairy lunch
• Swim Clothes (swim suit, water shoes, towel, sunscreen)
• Label everything!
• Coin for Tzedakah (charity)
• Mitzvah Note
• Smile :-)