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Mini Gan

Mini Gan parents should park in the front or side parking lot and walk their child into their bunk room.
Doors will be open from 8:50am until 9:15am. After 9:15am, you will be buzzed into the school,
and check-in your child to the camp office, where a staff member will walk in your child to his/her bunkroom.  Please respect this policy, as it has been set in place in an effort to help maintain a calm
and smooth atmosphere in the classroom, especially with young children experiencing “separation anxiety.” Pick up is directly from the child’s bunk room.  The teachers will open the doors on time; please be sure to be there for your child.

In case of a change of Pick Up plans, please be sure to fill out a “Parent-Camp Communication Form”
at morning drop. 

Junior/Grand Gan and Pioneer Divisions:

Drop Off:

Please use the carpool loop on the side of the building. Make a left turn on North Avenue, and then,
use the second left turn into the carpool lane. Follow the cars, until you see smiling counselors, ready
to greet your camper. They will take your child out of the car, and escort him/her to their group. If
you choose to walk your child into camp, please park your car in the parking lot in that area. Staff
will be at carpool lane from 8:50 until 9:10. If you arrive later than that, you need to park your car,
and walk your child to the camp office. We will then have a staff member accompany your child to his/her group.

Pick Up:

Follow the carpool line, and we will bring your camper to your car. If you wish to speak with a counselor, please park your car, and walk in. If you need to pick up a camper early, it needs to be arranged the DAY BEFORE. As our campers in this division, go off site for swimming and weekly trips, we need to make sure the time of the pick-up is reasonable. You can come past the camp office and sign a slip, and we will have your child ready to meet you at the camp office. Alternatively, you can make this arrangement on the phone as well, as long as it is a day in advance.


Contact Dina  • 203.226.8584 • [email protected]

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